Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vibheeshana in Yakshagana: Music Dance Drama staged at Mylapore Festival 2014

Karthaveeryarjuna Kalaga - Yakshagana - music dance drama was staged at Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple, Chennai on 12th January 2014 at 08.30 pm. by Sri Idagunji Mahaganapathi Yakshagana Mandali, Keremane Shivananda Hegde troupe as part of Mylapore Festival 2014.

Yakshagana (Yaksha Songs) is the musical dance drama (a traditional folk art form) of Karnataka theatre predominant in coastal and Malenadu regions of Karnataka, India.

It combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up, and stage techniques with a unique style and form and portrays class of demigods in Hindu mythology. It usually depicts a story from the Hindu epics and puranas.

The actors wear resplendent costumes, head-dresses, and painted faces which they paint themselves. A Yakshagana artists also wearing pagaDe, one type of head-wear.

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