Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dargah Hazrath Syed Moosa Sha Khaderi, Chennai

Dargah Hazrath Syed Moosa Sha Khaderi - Facade
Dargah Hazrath Syed Moosa Sha Khaderi - Tomb
Dargah Hazrath Syed Moosa Sha Khaderi - Muslim Women

Hazrath Syed Moosa Shah Qadri Baghdadi (RA) arrived from Baghdad Shareef in the middle of the 17th Century and lived on the site of what is now better known as the Mount Road Dargah. When he died, he was buried next to his house and here his family raised the Dargah Shareef. The descendants of Hazrath Syed Moosa Shah Qadri Baghdadi managed the dargah shareef since from inception. The dargah premises also houses the Makka Masjid, one of the largest mosques in South India with its taller minaret (100 feet).

Sufism is the most moderate sect of Islam which approached the Islamic faith in a mystical way. Hence Sufism is simply Islamic mysticism and the Sufi saints are known as Islamic Mystics.   The Sufi saints seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God. Tombs of Sufi Mystics exist all over India in large numbers.

Hazrath Syed Moosa Shah Qadri Baghdadi (RA), a Sufi Mystic is said to have had magnetic and spiritual powers which Almighty Allah has bestowed upon him. The divine power of this Sufi saint was revealed when a British engineer during colonial period instructed to demolish the dargah for widening the road. The workmen after initial resistance proceeded to excavate trenches around dargah and witnessed the spurting of blood from the soil. The engineer was unperturbed by this event and forced the workers to continue. The poor engineer collapsed suddenly and dropped dead. 

This Shrine is more than 450 years old. People of all faiths and religions visit this Dargah in a very large number from different parts of India and abroad throughout the year and pay their respectful tributes to the Hazrath Syed Moosa Shah Qadri Baghdadi (RA). Thursdays are considered as holy day and more people gather for prayers. This shrine of Sufi spiritualism promotes world peace, universal brotherhood, harmony and tolerance.

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