Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mudaliarkuppam Backwaters: Chennai Hot spot for Water Sports and Bird Watching

TTDC's Raindrop boathouse at Mudaliarkuppam backwaters (Panoramio Ramalingam N)

Greater Flamingos at Mudaliarkuppam (Wikimedia Commons)
Gull Billed Terns at Mudaliarkuppam (Wikimedia Commons)
Zitting Cisticola at muduliyarkuppam scrub (Wikimedia Commons)

Mudaliarkuppam is a striking tourist / picnic spot. The Odiyur lake  backwaters from the Bay of Bengal which extends to about 10 km forming a Beach Island. Mudaliarkuppam boat house aka Raindrop boat house (Muttukadu) is the most popular water sport facility developed by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC). The boat house offers water sports like Banana Boating, Water Scooter, Kayaking, Speed boat ride and there is an array of boats like row boats, pedal boats, water scooters, speed boats and many more.  

Boat ride

People often prefer banana boat ride and the boat will speed up to 25 kmph and beware while your boat taking turns. Another pleasant ride could be  Kayaking and enjoy ride on single seater kayaks hours together.

Enjoy a relaxing boat ride which can be extended up to Beach Island through backwaters and experience the mind blowing view of sparkling  deep turquoise blue water, boat propelling on the still water with rhythmic sound of splashing water, powder blue skies punctuated with white cotton candy clouds, dazzling sunlight, swaying palm trees, wind tussling through the green leaves; as the landscape glides by and one has to fight the urge to take a nap in such idyllic surroundings.  The boat ride will bring relaxation to body and the mind will be clear and uncluttered.

In spite of its hot and humid climate Chennai acts as a haven for more than 200 species of birds. The geographical features of coromandel coast especially the East Coast Road attracts many native and migratory bird species during October to March. If any one likes birds and just want to be able to approach and watch them closely, Mudaliarkuppam backwaters is one of the hot spot to watch birds. Commonly found bird species include brahminy kite,  brown headed gull,   greater flamingo, Indian skimmer, osprey,   painted stork, slender billed gull,  stone curlew,  white bellied sea eagle etc. Bird photography, especially migratory bird photography can be quite challenging.

In total Mudaliarkuppam is the wonderful picnic spot where one can spend some quality time with family members, relatives and friends. Though the place is located in East Coast Road (way to Mamallapuram and Pondicherry) at a distance 92 kms from Chennai, the picnic spot is enjoyable and worth visiting.

Boating at Rain Drop - Mudaliar Kuppam Boating house 2

Flamingos at Mudaliarkuppam 

Brown Headed Gull at Mudaliarkuppam

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