Monday, May 26, 2014

Poonam's Gujarati Bhojanalaya, Broadway, Chennai for authentic Gujarati food

Pooam's Gujarati Bhojanalaya, Broadway, Chennai
Gujarati Meals (Thali)
Poonam's Gujarati Bhojanalaya, Gijarati Mandal's the vegetarian restaurant, located (near High Court) at Broadway, North Chennai, is serving the Gujarati Thali from 1130 am. The place is certainly not as noisy and cramped as other Gujarati restaurants. However the seating space is limited and during weekdays you may have to wait to get your turn and the parking is difficult here. But during sundays the crowd is less and dining is comfortable.

 The "authentic" Gujarati food at Poonam's Gujarati Bhojanalaya in Chennai is a crowd favorite. Whether you go with family or friends, Poonam's is mostly a favourite place in Chennai for Gujarati food.

The menu consists of Jelibi, dal (lentils), gravy, two vegetarian dishes, Phool Wadi, roti (instead of roti try Thelpa at an extra cost of Rs.4.00 each), rice, rasam (Indian soup), mint chutney, pappad, pickle, salad and green chilly toast. The unlimited - eat as much as you want - meals cost just for Rs 75/- per head. You may like to have srikhand or basundhi or gulab jamun or aam rass (juice of ripe mango) at an additional cost of Rs.15.00 for each. The thalis are full and the dishes are subtly delicious. The plus point is generous and frequent refills with quick service. The Bhojanalaya also offer  Dal Halwa, Dhoklas, Fafda, Khandvi, wide variety of Milk Sweets  and  snacks for the Gujarati food lovers.

Address: 116, Gujarati Mandal, Near High Court, Prakasam Salai, Broadway, Chennai - 600108.
Timing: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Meals: Lunch, Thaali, Dinner

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