Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nature in Miniature: Bonsai Exhibition and Seminar as Part of Madras Week Celebrations

Ever keen to grow Bosai trees in your home garden, balcony, terrace but didn’t know how? How long it takes to develop some proficiency in Bonsai? People attracted to learn bonsai are keen to get involved immediately. Yet it is a lengthy process and the passion for bonsai should be very much alive within them.

‘Nature in Miniature’ The Bodhi Bonsai Association's Exhibition and seminar, a 2 day event  held from 7th August to the 8th August 2014 at the Department of Botany, Women’s Christian College, College Road, Chennai, India. organized the event.

As part of Madras Week celebrations, the event, organized by Bodhi in collaboration with the Department of Botany, Women’s Christian College. (The founding day of Madras is considered to be August 22, 1639 and hence MADRAS DAY, as always, is August 22. In 2014, MADRAS WEEK will be celebrated from August 17 to 24. Madras Week focuses on the city, its history, its past and its present. )

Bonsai (meaning tree in a tray) is the art of dwarfing or miniaturizing a tree in a shallow pot. Though the concept of miniaturizing a tree was known in ancient India, China and Thailand, the Japanese perfected this art and science and popularized across the world.

About 50 beautiful bonsai trees  were on display  (grown by the members of the association - with some up to  40 - 50 years old) appeared in different forms and styles:  Formal (Chokkan) and Informal (Moyogi) upright forms, Multi-Trunk,  Broom form (Hokidachi), Slanting form (Shakan), Twin Trunk (Soju), Multi-trunk (Kabudachi), Group (Yose-ue), Literati form, Exposed root form, Clinging-to-rock or Planted on rock (Ishitsuki), wind-swept (Fukinagashi), cascading (Kengai), forests, etc,  The seminar held on 8th Aug 2014 at this venue included demonstration and workshop.

Members demonstrated with actual Bonsai specimen including pruning (trim branches), styling wiring (to put wires around branches to make a tree strong) before the participants. Pruning or trimming the top and outer portions of the bonsai ready tree and a wide range styling techniques explained for  developing and maintaining the tree in miniature size and shape. Wiring, an important bonsai styling technique for shaping and setting angle of the branches, includes wrapping copper wire around the trunks and branches.  Other Bonsai styling methods include defoliation, creating deadwood and planting rock formations.

The Bodhi society acts as the medium for promoting bonsai and provides good opportunity for Bonsai enthusiasts to learn through exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops. The society members meet on second Saturday every month at Children’s Green Park, Spurtank Road (Opp. Grand Sweets), Chetpet, Chennai and allow guests on payment of Guest charge.
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