Thursday, March 13, 2014

Panagal Raja Statue, Panagal Park, T.Nagar: Chennai Statues

Sir Panaganti Ramarayaningar KCIE, Raja of Panagal

Profile of Sir Panaganti Ramarayaningar KCIE, Raja of Panagal:

Panagal Raja Sir Panaganti Ramarayaningar KCIE, was regarded as an advocate of democracy and a staunch supporter of empowerment of the depressed classes. He was a zamindar of Kalahasti (Andhra Pradesh), a Justice Party leader and the Chief Minister or Premier of Madras Presidency (July 11, 1921 to 11 September 1923 and 19 November 1923 to 3 December 1926). 

Ramarayaningar was born in Kalahasti on July 9, 1866. He did his schooling in Triplicane High School Madras and obtained degrees in Sanskrit in Presidency College, law, philosophy and Dravidian languages. He started his career as a lecturer in Presidency College before plunging into politics. He was one of the founder-members of the Justice Party. He served as Minister of Local Self Government in Justice Party (1921-1926) and the President of Justice Party (1925 to 1928).

I have captured this picture - the statue of Panagal Raja at Panagal Park, T.Nagar, Chennai - during 61st Chennai Photowalk.  
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