Friday, March 14, 2014

'Royal Lunch spread' - Rajakeeyam - the Holistic Healthy Meal at Cholayil's Sanjeevanam, Chennai.

The holistic ayurvedic diet regimen meal 'Rajakeeyam' aka 'Royal Lunch Spread' served only during lunch hours at Cholayil's Sanjeevanam in (15, Indira Nagar, First Main Road, First Main Road, Adyar; No. 50, Block 1, AMM Towers, Mogappair; and 97, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkm) Chennai is getting popular among the true connoisseurs of food.

'Cholayil' is the well known ayurvedic (the most ancient forms of healing therapies) people from Kerala noted for their holistic health care concepts, products and services. There popularity can be understood through their product - 'Medimix', unique quality ayurvedic bath soap.

Cholayil's Sanjeevanam, another unique vegetarian restaurant  serving holistic healthy food integrating the  balanced ayurvedic diet of Kerala. Ayurveda focuses on the concepts of micro and macrocosm. The universe (macrocosm) is enlivened and described by three main doshas or forces: Vata (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (earth). Each human (microcosm) has all three doshas in his or her constitution, in unique proportions. The fundamental principle of ayurveda is that the human is the product of natural elements contributing to the formation of this universe and forms a part of the cosmic environment. Therefore he needs to strike the right balance in his constituting elements (vata, pita and kapha) in order to be deemed healthy. The dietary regimen and dietary schedule are comprehensively meant for balancing the three types-'vata', 'pitta' and 'kapha.' The traditional balanced ayurvedic diet should have priority to sprouts, green and yellow vegetables apart from that of honey, almonds and cereals.

Sanjeevanam evolved their  holistic ayurvedic diet  'Royal Lunch spread' - 'Rajakeeyam' on the above principles. The food is served on banana leaf.  Their dietary regimen stresses on the need to take eight course vegetarian meal that is served in the prescribed sequenctial manner and they advise their customers to eat as per their serving sequence. The meal is unlimited, yet it is better to stick to the prescribed quantity.

To start with they serve a Kerala banana slices ("Nentrakai" or "Yethakai") with grated coconut. Together they also serve five different appetizing  juices (date juice, nut milk, veg clear soup,  harita buttermilk, and rice bran water) in attractive glass bowls. The Fresh uncooked puttu (a kind of food from Kerala), raita and salads and vegetable pickles from raw green vegetables will be following next. After uncooked food, they will be serving an array of semi-cooked food items. Fully cooked vegetable dishes will come after semi-cooked food. The main course of the meal is the boiled rice and they offer choice between red and white rice. For the dessert, they have an array of dishes like payasam (a kind boiled milk kheer), morkuzhambu and buttermilk. To wind up the meal they offer a table spoon of honey (to enhance digestion) and 'natural' beeda (chewing betel leaf and nuts).  Their dietary regimen helps human body absorb the nutrients in the correct way and also helps in digestion. The inclusion of six possible tastes in order that the balance of the human physiology is effectively maintained and also believes in the maxim that herbs and spices with their medicinal qualities add to the strength of the digestive system.
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