Friday, April 4, 2014

Handicrafts from Cooch Behar (West Bengal): Sitalpati Mat Handbags

Fine Texture of Sitalpati Mat
Sitalpati Grass Mat - Woven Handbags
Sitalpati Grass Mat Woven Handbags
Chappals woven using Sitalpati grass mat
Sitalpati grass (Marantra dichotoma or Mutra reed), made from fine cane slips, is well known mat  from West Bengal and Assam. The word 'Sital-pati' means cool-mat. The fine quality of the mat can felt by its glossiness and smoothness. The mat weaving artisans are highly skilled. The green grass (cane) is soaked in water and sliced into thin strips for making the pati.  These  fine strips are woven skillfully joining and interlacing to shape into beautiful mats and interlacing to shape into beautiful mats.  The weaving of sitalpati mat is the rural craft in northern Cooch Behar district of West Bengal as well as the neighbouring states like Tripura and Assam. In West Bengal this rural craft is performed by the households of Kayastha caste people.

Well designed ladies handbags and chappals woven using sitalpati mat, are being marketed in Chennai through regular exhibitions.
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