Thursday, April 3, 2014

Humour Clubs: Chennai city laughs a lot

Source: Humour Club International: Triplicane Chapter
Source: Anna Nagar Humour Club

Do you feel that most often we all have forgotten how to laugh? Yes we forget to laugh when we feel stressed, when we feel we have to do huge quantum of work or when we load too much on our minds or when the corporate work situation put forth  unreasonable demands on us. Most often when we do not have control over in our daily life situations, we are stressed and may continue lead to  depression or anxiety, or other mental health problems. How to cope up with stress and remain balanced? The social psychologists and behavior therapists recommend to  add a dash of humour to our social recipe. It is apt to quote Colette "total absence of humour renders life impossible." It is true that the absence of good humour will keep us forever disconnected to life.

Humour occupies a special place in human social interactions.   It is very rare to find people without a sense of humour.  Always humour is incompatible with negative emotions like anger. Humorous situations in life help people to escape from escalating stress, tensions and frustrations. It makes us feel good and happy. It also helps us to maintain a positive, optimistic outlook through all kinds of difficult situations, disappointments, and loss.  Corporates recognize the sense of humor as one of the most important ability and skills to learn while delivering any sort of speech or discussion. They offer humourous and playful communication sessions to their staff to improve their  relationships and leadership abilities.

Chennai is the city that laughs a lot. The credit goes to 'Humour Clubs.' Humour loving people form humour clubs across the city. They meet in a venue, typically a common hall, school class room, or even open terrace of residential flat, at regular intervals with an objective to relief stress and to hone the humorous skills as well as to bring out the funny part of the person. They share  jokes, humorous incidents, events, persons, anything that can bring about a laughter. You may find here  stand-up comedians, improvisational comedians, mimicking personalities, ventriloquists and other comedy acts. Here people share only 'Humor' and 'Nothing but Humor'.  The humour clubs are coming up for a social cause i.e, to keep sense of humour - the forgotten pre-requisite.

Most of the clubs offer free membership and have no restrictions in admissions, yet they do have some terms or conditions about humour: NO"A" Jokes, NO Political Jokes and a Joke should not hurt the feelings of others. Plus it should not concern any person in real life. 

Since from 1980s humour clubs folded up in several neighbourhoods of Chennai. Humour Club International has several chapters - Triplicane Chapter, Raja Annamalaipuram chapter, Mandaiveli chapter and convene meetings once in a month during Sundays. Humour clubs at Anna Nagar, Besant Nagar and few other places convene regular meetings. But humour clubs in Mylapore, Perambur, T.Nagar and Velachery stopped their activities. Yet some clubs are innovating ways and means to increase the attendance. The humour clubs have concerns on punctuality and the qualitative programmes and events and to run the meetings overwhelming with humour and fun.

Humor is infectious. Bursting out in laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. So be humorous....


Ventriloquist Shanthakumar of Best Events Chenna at Humour Club, T Nagar by Shanthakumar 

Humour Club Monthly Meeting - Delhi Ganesh Chief Guest by KalaKendra Channel


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