Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mansukh's Sweets and Snacks: Gujarati Food Trial in T Nagar, Chennai

Manshuk's Sweets and Snacks. Source: Zomato
Sweet Stall at Manshuk's Sweets and Snacks Source: Zomato
Gujarati Thali

Mansukh's Sweets and Snacks, a favorite Gujarati restaurant for many Gujaratis and North Indian people, is located at no. 10, Ramaswamy Street, Opp. Shree Temple of Gold, T.Nagar. If you are a lover of Gujarati food, then this restaurant is one among the few places in Chennai where you can enjoy  Theplas (Dhebra: Made with a mixture of flours, pan fried, mildly spiced, usually contains shredded vegetables), Dhoklas (Steamed cake made primarily of rice flour), khandvis (Roll made of gram flour and yogurt topped with mustard seed, cilantro, and grated coconut.) and Dhabelis (spicy burger of peanuts and potatoes, in a roll), at one place. For people new to Gujju food this restaurant is popular for its authentic Gujarathi and Rajasthani sweets, chats and savouries as well as Gujarathi / Rajasthani thali.

The snacks are very tasty and unique and people often wanted to try Gujju food  freshly prepared dhokla or thelka or go for genuine Gujju snacks like Chakri, Fafda, Ghanthia, Khakhra,    Mathia, Sev, Sev mamra and Lasaniya mamra. The Staples include Bakri, phulka roti, Aloo paratha or methi paratha or cheese channa bhatura . The side dishes include pakora, dahi vada, handvo, khaman, khandvi, khichu, muthia etc. The Gujju sweets like Shrikand (made from Curd & Sugar), Doodhpak (rice pudding made by boiling rice with milk and sugar, and flavoured with cardamom, raisins, saffron, cashews, pistachios, or almonds) Puran Poli, Sukhadi, Moti pak, Malpuaa, jelebi etc, are generously prepared with ghee. You can try chat items like dahi pori bhel pori and pani pori or aloo paratha or methi paratha.  The ambiance looks like a typical sweet shop with few chairs spread across for people to sit and eat.

The restaurant called Swaad located in the first floor offer Gujarati and Rajasthani thali at normally affordable cost.  Gujarati Thali (special) included Jaljira, Dhokla as appetizers. Main thali plate comprise unlimited puris and rotis, steamed rice and curd rice along with  aloo subji, paneer subji, dhal makhani, sweet dhal and a sweet kadhi. Sweet dish offered for the day included Chum chum and jelebi. They keep changing subjis and the sweets everyday. The ambiance of the restaurant is good enough for such a small restaurant.
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