Saturday, April 12, 2014

Timeri Murari, Indian novelist and journalist lives at Kilpauk, Chennai

Timeri Murari and Maureen Hudson Murari at their Kilpauk House

Photowalkers at Kilapauk
In one of our Chennai photowalks we covered many of the Kilpauk based landmarks on Aug 18th, 2013. We also made it a point to visit the residence of Timeri Murari ( 29 July 1941) at 92 Landons Road, Kilpauk, Chennai, 600010. Timeri Murari is an Indian novelist, journalist, playwright and screen writer. He has published 14 novels written in English and have contributed in many columns in Indian and international newspapers. His screen play for Daayraa, Hindi movie won award in 1997.

Murari was born and brought up in Chennai and had his school education in Bangalore. The young Murari went to UK to study electronics engineering and later switched to History and Political Science at McGill University at Montreal. Murari married Maureen Hudson, an Australian. After long time the couple returned to Chennai  from New York where they had lived for over ten years after they got married. Personal reasons made them move over to Chennai. Now Muraris settled down in their ancestral home on Landon's Road, Kilpauk.
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